Festa inizio Anno Pastorale

Domenica 24 Settembre 2017

Programma: ore 10:30

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Comunità e Parrocchia: 0586.860308
Oratorio: 0586.860110

Viale Risorgimento, 77 57124 LIVORNO

Una Parrocchia in continua CRESCITA!

Art has a powerful impact on the way your child grows and develops… Drawing is one of the most basic art forms, allowing your kid to fully delve into the tranquil world of creativity, new skills, and a new hobby!

The emphasis is to introduce a number of art concepts in a fun explorative way with caregivers on standby to encourage and assist as each student undertakes two or three projects per class.

Una Comunità VIVA!

Our Art School practices a unique teaching technique based on key Eastern and Western art education systems. This technique is devised by our teachers in order to rapidly develop artistic skills in children’s art classes at all ages.

Shortly after giving a birth to her 3rd child, Jenny Barrows has decided to launch a business delved into some artistic background. So in 1997 she founded this school…